Xbox Boss Wants Lost Odyssey And Blue Dragon For Backward Compatibility

Lost Odyssey Backward Compatibility

Phil Spencer is hard at work trying to make as many Xbox 360 games as he can compatible with Xbox One, and so far it’s been a huge success. Plenty of games have already been announced and even more will be coming in the future, but there are a lot of games that haven’t been mentioned that people are still begging for. Two such examples are Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, which are two Beloved RPGs that came out very early in the Xbox 360’s lifetime.

Spencer was recently asked on twitter whether or not Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon would be getting a sequel, to which he replied with the following:

“First thing I’d like to do is get LO and Blue Dragon in back compat, don’t have that yet.”

So, while we may have to keep waiting on continuations of these series, it does sound like Spencer is trying to get them ready for backward compatibility. As far as what it takes to get it backward compatible, they just need to get permission from the developers of the games. Considering you’d be a bonehead to deny someone making your game backward compatible to allow even more people to play it, it’s safe to say that it’s just a matter of time before the ink is dry on the deal.


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