Tomorrow Marks The End Of Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo RIP

Spend up all your coins while you still can, because tomorrow is the last day you’ll be able to spend them. Club Nintendo will be closing its doors tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST.

As for what you can get with your coins, you can click on through right here for a full list. There’s a lot of great stuff you can potentially get, so don’t miss out. I was able to get 6 games back when I spent my coins, which got some classic games I had been dying to play for years.

Fret not, though, dear readers, as even though Club Nintendo will be gone very soon something else is set to take its place. In fact, Nintendo claims that a brand new membership service will launch this Fall that will be even better. Here’s to hoping it really is! *Chugs glass of water*

Author: Mike Guarino

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