Final Fantasy VII Remake Is In Development!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This night just keeps getting better. Sony has revealed at their E3 press conference that the beloved Final Fantasy VII will be remade for PlayStation 4.

While we didn’t get any information in terms of a release date (or even a release window!), just the fact that this thing is actually happening is great news. Out of all the Final Fantasy games Final Fantasy VII is definitely the one that needs to be remade the most, not because it’s the most deserving but because those blocky character models haven’t aged well.

Oh, and seeing how freaking’ great the characters looked in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children always had me wishing that a remake would happen with those kinds of graphics… and it is!

Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake directly below. The game is coming first to PlayStation 4, meaning that it will not be an exclusive. Seeing as the series has gone multiplatform, though, I guess it’s to be expected.

Author: Mike Guarino

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