I Can Confirm That Motion Blur In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Has Been Reduced

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Motion Blur Reduction

I made it pretty clear that the motion blur that was featured in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was pretty ridiculous, with backgrounds looking like complete fuzz with even generally steady camera movement.

Earlier today the devs revealed that they would be releasing a patch that addresses this issue, and, sure enough, when I booted up my PlayStation 4 I received an update file to download. After everything was settled, I went into a mission in the game to see if this update really addressed the issue.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Motion Blur Reduction

After testing out it out for several minutes in different locations, I can confirm that the motion blur has been reduced. It’s definitely still there, but it’s now at a point that is much more bearable. The screenshot I provided above is me swinging the camera around full tilt, and while you can definitely see some blur, previously you wouldn’t have been able to even make out what the background was.

This may all seem like a very minor issue to make a big deal out of, but, honestly, it only seemed like a big deal to me because I’ve never really experienced a game with such a strange technical flaw. Regardless, the devs knew enough to make things right, and now moving around in the game won’t make any one queasy!

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