Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Receiving Patch That Fixes The Damn Motion Blur

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Back when I reviewed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (review here) I mentioned that one of the biggest technical issues that the game has is the fact that moving the camera around results in a ridiculous motion blur. Seriously, try playing that game and nudging the camera just a bit while playing and you’ll find yourself suddenly in the middle of a damn tornado!

However, it appears that the devs read my review and took my concerns to heart (LOL), as they have announced via twitter that they will be releasing a patch to fix said concerns. No details have been revealed yet, but here is the tweet:

So, whenever this patch goes live I will have to check it out to see how much of an improvement has been made and whether it’s even noticeable. If the change is drastic, then I will gladly post in update in my review.

Author: Mike Guarino

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