Is Microsoft Planning To Save Silent Hills?

Silent Hills

A huge (HUGE) rumor is going around that was started by YouTube channel The Know that claims that a deal is in the works between Microsoft and Konami to save Silent Hills.

The channel claims that this information comes from an anonymous yet reliable source. Here’s what they claim:

– Microsoft is trying to buy Silent Hills and the entire franchise and make it an Xbox One exclusive

– Konami wiping the P.T. demo from the PlayStation Store was a show of good faith to Microsoft

– They are trying to get it finalized for an announcement at E3

– Silent Hills is 80% complete

– They are planning release the game in March 2016

– Microsoft going to fork over billions of dollars for the franchise

Now, I would want for this rumor to be true as much as anyone, but considering all of the above points it seems EXTREMELY unlikely. It seems crazy to me that Microsoft would pay billions of dollars for a franchise that really hasn’t been hugely popular in years. I also find it hard to believe that the game is already 80% and would be released in March of next year. From what we heard the game was in the very early stages when the P.T. demo was released last year, with the tentative release date being 2016/2017. Lastly, how the hell would Sony ever let Microsoft get away with this?

Again, I would love for this to be true, but we’re just gonna have to wait and hear from the big guys themselves regarding these rumors. If they are true and Microsoft has the announcement for E3, they would win the entire show with that news alone. Check out the video detailing these rumors below.

Author: Mike Guarino

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