Konami Isn’t Completely Ditching Console Games For Mobile Games

Metal Gear Solid V

Konami has been the center of a lot of controversy lately over the recent handling of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the complete abandonment of Silent Hills and the announcement that they would be focusing on the mobile gaming market aggressively.

While all of this has been a major blow to Konami’s reputation, the president of Konami, Hideki Hayakawa, has come out to clear the air a bit. Here’s what he said regarding the recent shift to mobile games:

“We often hear the term ‘mobile first,’ and I want to specify that Konami’s idea of mobile first is not at all to focus purely on mobile games. Our aim is to continue to build up a comprehensive portfolio of console, arcade, and card game titles for each IP while also making the best possible use of the mobile devices that accompany our customers in their daily life.”

He then goes into detail regarding the dramatic internal shifts that the company has been going through lately:

“Until now, in addition to game development duties, our creators were handling a wide range of responsibilities including managerial roles. This can be a helpful approach when a studio concentrates on progressively specializing in a specific style of product, but we have found that a sudden market shift can render that specialization invalid and leave the studio unable to keep up.

“We faced difficulties in taking advantage of market shifts in areas such as licensing, with expansion of IPs outside of the games themselves, and also in leveraging IPs between different devices such as from consoles to the mobile platform.”

“Based on these lessons, we have changed our approach to instead have managerial staff thoroughly focus on strategy and how their individual skills can be best applied, with that strategy then being executed together with the creative staff.”

While this puts me at ease a little bit for the future of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, it’s still a bummer that Silent Hills isn’t going to be happening. Hopefully some more info will come out regarding what they have in store for both series.

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