Is MediEvil Being Resurrected On PlayStation 4 Or Not?

Things are getting confusing, as conflicting reports suggest that these images might be real and might not be. Huh?

MediEvil PS4

Very recently we got a few leaked images of the PS1 classic MediEvil character Sir Daniel Fortesque walking around creepy places. The kicker? The graphics were definitely PS4-caliber and looked jaw-dropping.

However, these images were leaked online from an unofficial source, so the legitimacy of all of this is unclear. At first the user posted tweets that seemed to say that the images were fake, but then those tweets were deleted and he claimed that the truth would be revealed this Sunday. Huh?

Check out the clip and images below.

MediEvil PS4

MediEvil originally launched for the PlayStation back in 1998. It received a PlayStation sequel called MediEvil 2 in 2000 before getting a re-imagining on the PSP called MediEvil Resurrection in 2005. All of the games were developed by SCE Cambridge Studio.

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