‘Evolve’ Receiving Two New Free Maps

Two new maps will be up for grabs first for Xbox One players.


Turtle Rock Studios’ multiplayer-shooter Evolve is set to receive two new free maps at the end of this month, the devs have confirmed. The maps will first be available for Xbox One players, with PC and PlayStation 4 players getting the maps a month later.

The two maps are called Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Factory, which each introduce new environments including mining caves and an industrial setting. Both will also come packed with new campaign effects for the Evacuation campaign.

You can download the maps on Xbox One on March 31st, then on April 30th PC and PlayStation 4 players will be able to join in on the fun. Check out some screenshots for the new maps below.

Evolve 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Foundry_Environment_02 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Foundry_Environment_03 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Foundry_Map_Overview 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Mine_Environment_01 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Mine_Environment_03 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Mine_Environment_02 2K_Evolve_Broken-Hill-Mine_Map_Overview

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