‘Shovel Knight’Headed For PS4, PS3 And Vita On April 21st

Shovel Knight will be making his way over to all current PlayStation consoles in a couple of months.


Developer Yacht Club Games has revealed that their critically-acclaimed platformer Shovel Knight will be making it’s way to all current PlayStation consoles on April 21st.

The platformer is a part of Sony’s Spring Fever 2015 promotion and will be available initially for $13.49. That price will hold for one week, with the price then going up to the standard price of $15.

The game will play identically to previous versions of the game, though one new addition to the game is the famous PlayStation character Kratos being added as a boss fight. It’s unknown how this will work within the context of the game, though it will certainly be a nice little bonus for those looking for a new battle.

Author: Mike Guarino

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