The Hunt Begins With The ‘Evolve’ Launch Trailer

Evolve is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, so as you’re gearing up for battle why not check out the new launch trailer?

Evolve Turtle Rock Studios

Turtle Rock Studios’ new multiplayer shooter Evolve is out this week, and to commemorate the occasion they have gone ahead and released a launch trailer. The trailer shows off all of the different facets of the game’s 4 vs 1 action while also sharing some positive review blurbs from critics. Check out the launch trailer below. 

Evolve is Turtle Rock Studios’ next big multiplayer shooter series after the Left 4 Dead series, and it brings with it some really interesting mechanics. In the game you will either control one of 4 hunters or the monster itself as you are trying to take out the other team. If you’re the hunters then you will be working together with people who specialize in attacking, healing, trapping and much more to take down the monster, whereas the monster will be trying to gather strength and evolve to take out the hunters when it is strong enough. When the match starts the hunters easily have the advantage, though if the monster survives long enough and gets to stage 3 then it’s pretty much all over for them.

Evolve is out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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