The Open Beta For ‘Evolve’ Starts January 2015 Only On Xbox One

Xbox One gamers who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to join in on the Evolve fun next month.

Evolve beta Xbox One

Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming multiplayer shooter Evolve is shaping up to be one of the biggest next-gen experiences yet, bringing 4 hunters to battle an enormous and evolving beast. A Big Alpha was released for the game a few months ago, but now a brand new beta has been announced to begin next month exclusively on the Xbox One.

The beta will begin on January 15th and absolutely anyone can join in who has an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Hunt mode will be the featured mode in the beta, which gives players access to eight hunters and two monsters. An Evacuation mode is set to be added two days after the beta, which is a series of 5 matches that are each impacted by the victory or defeat of either side. Therefore, if you win the first match, you will be awarded added benefits in the next round.

For those of you who don’t have an Xbox One there is no need to fear, as there will be a closed beta for both PC and PlayStation 4 as long as you were a participant in the Big Alpha. The only downside is that these closed betas will not include the Evacuation mode and your progress will not be carried over to the full game. Oh well!

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