Vita Sales Heating Up Thanks To PS4’s Remote Play

Don’t count out the Vita yet!


The Vita has been almost entirely ignored lately, with Sony’s full attention being on the PlayStation 4. The Vita has failed to really gain any traction, which has resulted in the lack of any major titles being developed for the system.

However, SCEA President and CEO, Shawn Layden, recently spoke with IGN about where the Vita currently stands and remains hopeful for its future.┬áHe mentioned how the Remote Play functionality that lets PlayStation 4 owners control those games with a Vita system has boosted the Vita’s sales:

“Vita sales have actually been picking up ever since we enabled Remote Play on the handheld. There’s a lot of interest in the PS4 community to have that opportunity. We have not stood back from it. We have not started to withdraw from it. I think we’re just seeing it maybe move into a new place as far as game content goes. But I’m still keen on it, I still play [it], and I still bring it up with the development community when I see them.”

It’s understandable that Sony wants to give everything they have to the PlayStation 4, due to the fact that they are currently scrambling for exclusives for the new system as it is. However, if the Vita ends up being one that is the home of smaller, more unique titles then so be it. If we can continue to get gems like the Danganronpa series for it then the Vita will slowly but surely continue to build its loyal following.

Author: Mike Guarino

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