‘Excitebike Arena’ DLC Course Coming To ‘Mario Kart 8’ Next Month

It’s about to get retro in here!

Excitebike Arena

Next month Mario Kart 8 will be receiving DLC Pack 1, and one of the new courses featured in the pack is none other than Excitebike Arena from the classic Exciteback game. The track features all of the crazy jumps that you may remember from the original game, though obviously viewed through the gorgeous graphics engine of Mario Kart 8. Check out the video showing off this impressive new course below.

To make matters even better (or worse, depending on your style), Nintendo has said that the tracks ramp and boost locations are completely randomized, meaning that no matter how many times you race on this track you will never know what to expect. So gamers, if you’re planning to take the plunge and spend $7.99 next month for DLC Pack 1, make sure you bring your A-game!

Author: Mike Guarino

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