PlayStation Plus January 2015 Free Games Revealed

Here’s the list of free games Sony is offering for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Another month and another list of free games for those who are subscribed to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program. As is usually the case, gamers will be getting two free PS4 games, two free PS3 games and two free PS Vita games. However, one of the PS4 offerings is a standalone DLC that was highly regarded earlier this year.

The DLC in question is Infamous: First Light, the standalone companion to the game that focuses on Delsin’s awesome ally Fetch. PS4 players will also be getting the atmospheric puzzler The Swapper, giving gamers something to test their brain a bit.

Filling out the list is Prototype 2 and Duck Tales Remastered for the PS3 and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and Whoa Dave! for the PS Vita. Once again, Sony offers up some solid games for free.

XSEED Releasing PSP Game ‘Brandish: The Dark Revenant’ Next Month

The PSP will be getting a game release in 2015. Oh, the glory!

The PSP may not be a system that gets any kind of support anymore thanks to its successor, PS Vita, but that isn’t stopping XSEED Games from releasing one for the great handheld.

Brandish: The Dark Revenant originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, though developer Nihon Falcom originally passed on localizing the 2009 remake for the PSP… UNTIL NOW. Almost five years after the remake was released on the PSP in Japan, it will release in January 2015 in North America.

If you find that you don’t have a PSP and are worried that you’ll miss out on this game, XSEED assures that the game will be fully compatible with both the PS Vita and PS TV. While you’re here, why not check out some screenshots from the game below?

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Check Out The “Silent Night” Trailer For ‘The Order: 1886’

The Order: 1886 devs wish give you season’s greetings with this creepy trailer.

Well doesn’t this trailer just get you in the Christmas spirit? Sony has released a new trailer for The Order: 1886, this one including a creepy rendition of the classic song, “Silent Night”. It’s more than just a little unsettling, especially coupled with all of the disturbing imagery throughout the video. Check it out below. 

The video also reveals a promotion where you get the Knight’s Arsenal DLC pack for free if you pre-order the game, so if you’re planning on buying it day one you may want to consider pre-ordering. I want this game to be great as Sony really needs a great exclusive for the PlayStation 4, but the word of mouth from preview events has been mixed and lead to some delays. Hopefully the devs took those criticisms to heart and improved the gameplay, as the setting and graphics look phenomenal.

The Order: 1886 is developed by Ready At Dawn and SCE Sony Santa Monica Studio exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is set to launch on February 20th, 2015.

Awesome New ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Screenshots Revealed

Final Fantasy XV is going to be one of the best looking video games when it releases sometime next year, and these new screenshots that Square Enix has released only solidifies that fact. What I like most about the pictures is that they show off a variety of locations, from a nighttime bonfire to a blizzard-ravaged train. Check out all of the screenshots via the gallery below.

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Condemn O.R. Condone – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)

Remember those Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World where you maneuvered around obstacles on a cube-shaped level to get to a star? Did you ever think to yourself, “Man, I would SO buy a game that was just all of these little mini-games”? Me neither! However, after playing this game to completion I came to two simple conclusions: 1) Nintendo are wizards 2) Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one of the most purely fun games I played all year.

What I like most about Treasure Tracker is that it does not beat around the bush AT ALL. The game starts and you are immediately in a level to collect your first star. You make your way towards it and you and Toadette get your groove on in celebration, all before the evil bird Wingo swoops down and poops on everyone’s parade. Wingo takes off with the star, but the valiant Toadette grabs onto it and is swept away to God know’s where. This leaves Toad in a rather unfortunate scenario, as he lost the treasure AND the girl.

Luckily, that’s really all there is to the story. The few cutscenes that are in the game only last like 20 seconds, as this game is first and foremost a puzzle game. You use the Wii U gamepad to navigate the level, using the camera to get a view of all angles, tap to stun enemies, blow into the mic for certain platforms and so on. Even though the concepts aren’t revolutionary, everything is executed well and never results in you tapping a hole through your gamepad screen or fainting from blowing into the mic.

While pretty much every level in Treasure Tracker is small in scope, they contain hidden goodies and challenges that make them much more interesting than the base objective. Other than collecting the star at the end of the level you also have the optional objectives of collecting three hidden Super Gems and completing a level-specific objective like collecting x amount of coins. The level-specific objectives are definitely the toughest parts of the level, as many instances you will need to master the level to achieve it. These start off simple enough at the beginning of the game, but by the end of it all it is completely rage-inducing. Completionists, I’ve just given you a fair warning.

As far as how Toad controls, he’s definitely not as quick and nimble as Mario and he can’t jump due to his backpack being full (wimp). However, he has full access to power-ups like hammers and double cherries so that he can take down the baddies if need be. The types of obstacles that you come across are pretty similar to what is found in 3D World, but they’re used in interesting ways to keep the experience feeling fresh while also adding in some new twists. There are moving platforms to trek across, blocks that need rotating to reveal new paths and items and locked doors that are opened by switch or key. There are even minecart levels where you go into a first-person view and chuck an infinite amount of turnips at anything in your path, which is a ton of fun seeing as it utilizes the gamepad’s screen and motion control. Boss levels are sprinkled throughout the game that basically require you to make your way to the end of a level without being burned to death, which is a nice little change of pace when they pop up every now and then.

It’s worth mentioning that even though the game has a simple aesthetic, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the stages themselves are beautifully designed. There’s a lot of variety packed into the game’s 70+ levels, and everything from the design to the vibrancy of colors are always eye candy. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that this more of a leisurely game where you can kind of take it easy and just do the main objectives without much fuss, but the potential is also there to make the game really challenging if you’re up for it. The game does cut you some breaks, though, as if you collect a Super Gem and then die you won’t have to collect it again even though you didn’t finish the level. Basically, this game is incredibly accessible no matter what mood you go into it with.

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While there are a solid amount of levels in this game, you can complete many of them in just a few minutes if you know what you’re doing. The game acknowledges that fact by coming in at just $40, making this a much more reasonable purchase for what is on disc. Even though the game won’t take you long to beat, there’s plenty of replay value to keep you coming back for more and a final level that is unlocked if you 100% complete every other level that is so difficult it may just leave you questioning your life. Nintendo did a pretty cool thing by unlocking bonus stages right at the get-go for those who have 3D World save files on their system, though these stages are unlocked for everyone else once the main game is completed. These are remakes of 3D World levels, though there are some slight modifications to the designs so that jump-less Toad can make it through them.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a solid puzzle game that I recommend to anyone who got a kick out of the Captain Toad segments in 3D World. Many of the concepts that were shown in that game have been fleshed out a lot while also adding in some new bells and whistles that make it a worthwhile companion to the main game. It definitely doesn’t have the same level of awesomeness of 3D World, but that is due to the fact that Toad can’t do nearly as many things as Mario can. Even still, the generally simple mechanics are more than made up for with the game’s consistently solid level designs that are engaging to trek through from start to finish.


Here Are The Free Games With Gold For January 2015

Some good games for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription next month.

For those of you who happen to be Xbox Live Gold subscribers, you’re in for some free gaming goodness come January 2015. Microsoft has just revealed the lineup of free games that will be coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and they’re games that you would actually want to play!

Xbox 360 players will be able to download The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which is CD Projekt Red’s critically-acclaimed open-world RPG. If you haven’t gotten around to playing it yet then you should probably get on that before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes out, though take your time as that game will probably get delayed for the millionth time anyway. You can also download MX vs. ATV Live, though who wants to play that when you can play the Witcher instead. MX vs. ATV Live will be available from January 1st through January 15th, while The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be available from January 16th through January 31st.

Xbox One gamers are actually getting something worth playing next month as the free game of the month will be Access Games’ trippy adventure title D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. This game wasn’t talked about a whole lot this year, though the people that did give it a chance ended up liking it a lot. It’s an episodic adventure with more episodes coming next year, so this free download contains the first three episodes.

Nearly 13 Million People Have Played ‘Destiny’

Despite a lukewarm response, Destiny continues to be a massive game on the market.

When Bungie’s Destiny released just a few months ago it was met with with a lukewarm response from both fans and critics, citing a lack of a story and gameplay variety being its biggest faults. However, despite all of that there is just something about the game that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Bungie has just posted the following in a blog post:

“Right now, at this exact moment, 12,869,066 players have picked up a controller and taken Destiny for a spin. They have sparked 22,932,276 Guardians to life. Together, they have spent 872,404,449 hours battling the aliens that want to turn them into dust. By the time you read these words, those numbers will have grown. Also at this exact moment, over five hundred developers are hard at work to make sure that the world you inhabit will continue to evolve.”

They also promise that some big updates will be coming at the beginning of next year, which will apparently bring highly-requested fixes. So, regardless of any negative word of mouth, Destiny continues to be the game that everyone is playing.